Our company has been in the international road and rail freight market since 1991, and we have extensive experience in transporting standard and non-standard loads.

Our company primarily specializes in rail transportation and related logistics services between the European Union and the Central Asian region.

Our logistics services include:

  • services related to the transshipment of goods, their storage and customs clearance;
  • grain storage and transfer;
  • rail transportation and storage of vehicles.

The PACOBO Logistics Center is located in Chop, Ukraine, at the junction of the borders of Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary.

Our services:

  • loading of cargo transported by rail and road from 1435 mm (normal) gauge railcars into 1520 mm (wide) gauge wagons, trucks, or in the opposite direction,
  • loading and storage of pallets, sacks, big bags, paper rolls, containers, oversized and overweight shipments, bulk industrial materials, cereals, and vehicles.

The PACOBO Logistics Center also offers its customers a number of additional services: issuance of plant and animal health certificates, acquisition of transport permits for oversized, overweight and dangerous types of cargo, implementation of loading and fixing systems, export, import and transit customs administration and provision of customs guarantees.

Departments of the PACOBO Logistics Center:

Covered loading area:

used to handle loads transported in covered railway wagons and road transport vehicles. In the loading zone with a floor area of nearly 5,000 m2, the cargo is loaded using forklifts. The covered loading area can store 50 railway wagons at one time. The zone can also be used for temporary storage of the loads handled here. The 3,500 m2 warehouse can be used for long-term storage of cargo.

Crane loading area:

Capable of accommodating 200 containers or 90 wagons of cargo at the same time. We move 20- and 40-foot containers, bulk industrial raw materials, heavy machinery, oversized and overweight shipments with two gantry cranes with a load capacity of 30 and 50 tons, respectively.

Grain loading area:

Three separate grain silos are available to store a total of 6,450 tons of grain. The department allows loading of 200 tons of grain per hour.

Uncovered vehicle parking area:

We have 1,300 parking spaces in temporary storage and 200 parking spaces in the customs warehouse area available to our customers.